Ads On Google AdWords Getting Revamp This Month

Google AdWordsGoogle is prepping a revamp of AdWords ads, that will roll out later this month.

The changes revolve around how mobile ads show sitelinks, callouts and structured snippets.

When implemented, sitelinks, which send people to specific pages on your site directly from your ad, will now have both horizontal buttons and larger vertical links.

As Google said in a blog post: “This makes it easy for you to send people to more relevant, deeper parts of your site–all while giving them the kind of tappable mobile experience they’ve come to expect.”

In testing, Google said people are twice as likely to interact with sitelinks with this new format.

Google sitelinks

The second changes are to callouts and structured snippets, which offer more information about ads beneath the ad copy.

Now, instead of appearing in a separate line below your ad, they will appear in-line with your ad copy in paragraph form.

According to Google, this means that more callouts and structured snippets will be visible alongside your ads.

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