Affiliate Network MedCash Partners with ExoClick

Ad company ExoClick has announced a new partnership with MedCash, an affiliate network based in Montreal, Canada.

The deal sees ExoClick exclusively manage sales for all of MedCash’s dating and members area traffic.

The traffic, which is mostly mobile and from the US, is “100% prequalified dating traffic” according to MedCash.

The companies are celebrating the collaboration with a 50% cash back promotion, which will run until the end of November. 

ExoClick also recently launched a Black Month promotion, offering cash back on video slider, push notifications and email clicks.

MedCash CEO Elias Sahyouni said: “MedCash works closely with ExoClick due to its excellent platform which allows our advertisers to finally pick and choose the exact traffic targeting they are looking. 

“With such an ability, our advertisers’ ROI is increased as they are only buying the traffic that is profitable for them. Giving our advertisers more power and flexibility is always our goal and ExoClick is playing a key role in achieving this.”

Evangelos Zirdelis, Sales and Ad Operations Director at ExoClick, added: “MedCash traffic is ideal for dating offers and as the majority of traffic is on mobile, it is great for localised dating products. 

“The traffic is high quality and end users have already been qualified  through MedCash’s dating sign up flow, therefore the users are already engaged and actively trying out new dating products. 

“With 95% of the traffic coming from the US this is a tier 1 GEO and the target consumers have a higher disposable income.”

Visit the ExoClick website here.