AgeGo Offers Age Verification Ahead of UK Digital Economy Act Rollout

The UK’s Digital Economy Act, set to roll out in the coming weeks, will place new demands on any commercial digital platform that contains 18+ content targeting Brits.

Much of the discussion around the Act has focused on sites hosting pornographic video, but other services are also likely to be implicated. The dating market, which contains a range of casual and hookup services, may be impacted heavily by the legislation.

Not all dating sites are vulnerable in the same way, however. For the purposes of compliance, apps and sites can be broken down into 3 categories:  

Dating apps

These are native applications and are subject to Google and Apple rules, which state no naked content can be shown in user profiles. Therefore, apps are not subject to having age verification technology as a requirement – a simple date of birth verification is all that is required.

Romance dating websites

Considered as dating platforms that help users find true love, these websites do not allow users to show nude content in their profiles. Many dating websites also have iOS and Android apps, giving users two ways to access the platform. Again, a simple date of birth verification is all that is required here.

Adult dating websites

Considered as casual dating websites for sexual encounters, these websites do contain naked images and X-rated profiles. They therefore contain 18+ content, and will be subject to age verification as demanded by the UK’s Digital Economy Act.

Advertisers and affiliates promoting offers to these websites will need to ensure that their offer landing pages incorporate age verification technology.

Adult sites will also be required to host landing pages with no explicit images – this content must all be kept behind the verification screen.

Executives running adult dating websites with UK users, or advertisers/affiliates targeting UK users with adult dating products, will now need to implement an age verification solution.

For users, some verification services charge a fee. AgeGO is free alternative, however, and one which provides total anonymity. The technology is implemented via a self-service platform, wherein businesses can brand and personalise the age verification widget.

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