Ashley Madison Tests Coaching Feature in the USA and Brazil

Ashley Madison is currently testing a new ‘cheating coaches’ feature which assists users who haven’t had much experience with online dating, especially infidelity-based platforms.

Work started on the update after female members submitted feedback saying they didn’t like the way men were contacting them on the service. They explained men tended to be overly sexual in their advances, rather than trying to flirt in a more sophisticated manner.

The coaching feature is currently only available for testing in the US and Brazil, but Ashley Madison expects it will be made permanent in the future and believe it could even act as a stand-alone product.

Chief Strategy Officer Paul Keable said to Newsweek: “Our coaches are carefully selected to meet the needs of our community. They come from a variety of backgrounds, including certified life coaches, dating coaches, and other industries where inter-personal communications is required.”

“Each of them are put through our own internal training, which includes educating them on the true nature of infidelity.”

He then went on to predict that the feature would be equally popular with millennials and seniors has also recently begun to roll out an option that pairs users with human coaches. ‘AskMatch’ will helps singles with a range of issues, such as profile creation, first date nerves and the best way to deal with a breakup.

5.3 million new accounts were registered on Ashley Madison in 2018, taking the total number of members to more than 60 million.

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