Bumble Aims For Unsolicited Images Law California Implementation

Bumble is planning to introduce its nude pictures law to California, after successfully passing it in Texas at the beginning of September.

State Senator Ling Ling Chang announced that she is working with the social app and aims to bring in the bill in the new year.

She hopes the act of sending a sexual image without consent will be made a misdemeanour, on the same level of a speeding ticket. Culprits in Texas now face a potential fine of up to $500.

According to Newsweek, Chang said: “We’re in a digital world, and it is critical we protect online users. I’ve heard the horrific stories of women who have been victimized and digitally harassed. This is absolutely unacceptable. We need to send a message that this culture of online harassment must go.”

Whitney Wolfe Herd echoed this statement and added that sending unsolicited pictures is  “harassment, plain and simple,” and “a gateway to more extreme forms of abuse”.

The new CEO of MagicLab wants the ruling to be instituted in several US states, which could lead to it becoming federal law.

Elsewhere in politics, Tinder is running an in-app initiative to encourage young Brits to vote

The UK has a general election planned for 12th December and Tinder’s main demographic is, notoriously, the least likely to turn up at the ballots. Therefore, a profile card is going live for the next week that will guide swipers straight to the election registration page.

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