Bumble’s Serena Williams Super Bowl Ad Airs

Bumble’s Super Bowl LIII ad spot featuring tennis legend Serena Williams aired yesterday, as the New England Patriots saw off the LA Rams 13-3. The event is typically watched by an audience of over 100 million.

It opens with Williams’ voice over telling listeners not to wait around. She says “If I waited to be invited in, I never would have stood out”.

The 60-second clip then transitions to focusing on the areas of life where making the first move can be advantageous. This is linked to each of the Bumble platforms; Bizz, BFF and Date.

The message “women, the ball is in your court” is splashed across the screen towards the end of the advertisement, accompanied by music from Rita Ora.

Marketing agency FlyteVu, part of the all-female team behind the advert, explained to AdAge that they only had a number of weeks to produce the Super Bowl piece.

On the feminist message, Founder Laura Hutfless said: “As you know, in the advertising world the number of female creatives is far less than the number of males, especially when it comes to Super Bowl ads.

“So if we are going to create a Super Bowl ad targeting women, we needed to have women creating the script. Only women can understand women, so it just made natural sense to have this ad be created entirely by women.”

Earlier this year, Bumble launched a new ad campaign in India with a similar message. The #EqualNotLoose commercial showed actress Priyanka Chopra connecting with people via the app, both romantically and professionally.