Spanish Group Dating App & Tinder Social Competitor Groopify Connects Groups Of Friends Together

Online dating is generally thought of as a one-on-one way of meeting other singles, however new app Groopify wants to put an end to what can sometimes be an awkward and intense online dating experience, by introducing group interaction.

The social discovery app attempts to make singles feel more comfortable going from online to offline by letting people meet up in groups, rather than one-on-one with someone they have been speaking to online.

Groopify explains: “We firmly believe that social is a major catalyst in getting more people to meet offline and that this bridge between online/mobile and offline will be the next big revolution in the dating space.

“This is in part because it mirrors more closely how we interact and meet in real life, and because it removes the expectation-driven component of dating, generates a greater gender parity and opens up dating as a category for younger generations (or other folks) who would never think of using one­-on-one dating products.”

How does Groopify work?

GroopifyGroopify first allows its users to connect their profile with other friends, so they can start group conversations in the app.

Once singles create a profile, they can then connect with people they know and invite them to join conversations with their matches, as a way to improve confidence.

If a user receives a match, a chat function is opened for the pair, who can then request for their friends to join in the conversation.

Groopify explains: “In Groopify, users can connect their own profiles with their friends’, in a way that when other users are browsing across their compatible matches, they can see not only an individual profile but also each person’s friends.

“When two users like each other, a chat gets activated. Both groups can add their friends to that conversation, turning a typical (and sometimes awkward) one-to-one conversation into a much more fun and dynamic group convo.”

From here, the group can chat within the app and organise when and where to meet up based on the recommendations Groopify gives them.

The Spanish app currently has 250,000 active users across eight countries and facilitates thousands of meet-ups every day, recommending where groups should meet and what they can do based on their preferences.

And Groopify has secured €1.5m in funding, receiving the support of investors such as Juan Roig, Carlos Domingo (CEO of Telefónica R&D), Gerard Olivé (Co-Founder at Wallapop) and Atresmedia (the leading media group in Spain).

The app is also available globally, with users in over 50 countries including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Chile, South Korea and Hong Kong.

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