Dating Author Joanna Coles Appears on Megyn Kelly

Author and former Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan Joanna Coles has appeared on NBC News with Megyn Kelly.

She was promoting her book “Love Rules: How to Find a Real Relationship in a Digital World”.

The pair discuss dating apps and some of the worries millennials have when using them to find love.

Coles feels the dating landscape has changed significantly, and there are a number of new challenges and opportunities for singles to contend with.

She says apps are “fantastic” but notes they “don’t come with operating instructions”. It is common, therefore, to find singles who struggle online.

It is now very easy to make an initial connection, but far more difficult to get to know someone. This can make users feel “interchangeable” and “disposable”.

Millenials are said to be having sex earlier in a courtship than previous generations, using it as a way to “get to know” a partner.

Coles says one of the key messages from the book is that singles should think about how to invest their “emotional calories”. The book is written in a diet book style to make the analogy resonate.

Watch the interview here.

Scott Harvey

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