Dating Website to Help Single Expats Find Love

Dating website, was launched earlier this year for single expats to find love. is a dating site that enables people to connect with other people of their culture living abroad and for them to find someone online that is experiencing similar things to them, to prevent loneliness.

According to a report released by market research and financial consultancy company, Finaccord, there are more than 50 million expats living worldwide.

Technological advancements have helped expats to stay connected with the world around them, and now expats are reportedly turning to the Internet to find matches online.

Expats tend to know very few people and networking online may be the best option to find love for the particular population.

Expats are able to connect with other expats nearby whether they’re on the go, commuting to work or out shopping.

The dating site is now available in 100 different countries.

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