Dig CEO to Host Webinar on Media Exposure

Dig Co-Founder and CEO Leigh Isaacson is presenting a webinar tomorrow to help startup businesses generate media interest for their pet care brands.

The hour-long masterclass, hosted through the Leap Venture Studio Academy, is free to sign up for.

It will explore three key areas that must be considered when pitching a product to the media. These are: 1) How to pitch effectively, 2) How to make sure your message gets across and 3) How to maximise exposure when coverage is secured.

Isaacson asked on LinkedIn whether anyone wants help on a specific PR case. She is looking to break down a few examples and provide expert feedback as part of the webinar.

The entrepreneur appeared at Global Dating Insights’ two most recent conferences, in Los Angeles and London, to explain how small dating apps can stand out to the media in a saturated market.

The third episode of The GDI Podcast, set to be released on 23rd October, will feature Isaacson discussing some of Dig’s past and her plans for international expansion.

Dig was awarded a $50,000 digital marketing prize earlier this month by pet food company Purina. The money will be put towards a nationwide, interactive advertising campaign featuring real dogs and their owners.

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