Dutch Antitrust Body Lands Sixth Fine On Apple Over Alternate Payments Dispute

The Dutch Antitrust Body has landed its sixth fine on Apple over an Alternate Payments Dispute. The Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) levied its sixth weekly fine of $5.7 million against the tech giant on Monday (Feb. 28) for what it said is Apple’s failure to adhere to its rulings on providing alternative payment methods on its dating apps.

According to Reuters, Apple maintains it has already complied with the ACM’s order, while the watchdog says it has not seen any change in Apple’s position.

The latest fine brings the total penalties levied against Apple by the ACM to just above $28 million. The fines stem from charges by the ACM that Apple has abused its dominant market position by not letting software applications in the Netherlands use any other payment modes.

Apple had a deadline of Jan. 15 to comply with the ACM. It missed that deadline and has been fined every week since then.

Apple claims that it has followed the ACM’s wishes by allowing dating app makers to submit a new apps with alternative payment methods enabled. The company also said it still intends to charge a 27% commission on any in-app payments it doesn’t process — a slight drop from the previous 30% fee.

Last week, the European Union’s lead antitrust official said Apples and other Big Tech companies were choosing to pay fines rather than comply with regulations they don’t like.

“Some gatekeepers may be tempted to play for time or try to circumvent the rules,” said Margrethe Vestager. “Apple’s conduct in the Netherlands these days may be an example.”

She said Apple “essentially prefers paying periodic fines rather than comply” with the ACM, but added a new law in the EU that curbs such behavior could help remedy the issue.

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