eharmony Reports Majority of UK Singles Turn to ‘Virtual Dating’

eharmony has released data that shows how singles in the UK have turned to online dating to combat loneliness during the coronavirus lockdown.

With over one third of the world’s population currently under lockdown restrictions, loneliness is a rising problem, not only amongst the vulnerable and singles, but as a global problem. 

The rise of video calling and has allowed singles to continue to date without the risk of contracting the disease, something that 29% of people said they were concerned about.

Overall, 57% of singles said they have tried some form of ‘virtual date’ since the isolation period started.

Rachael Lloyd, Relationship expert at eharmony, explained in a statement: “The current pandemic means we are in unforeseen circumstances with vast societal shifts that could change the way we meet potential partners, along with ways of working and communicating with family and friends, for many years to come.

“We know that during uncertain times people yearn for deeper connections and stability in their lives. Virtual dating means that singles can still build meaningful relationships and get to know each other in a safe space.”

A quarter of singletons said going on virtual dates were also beneficial because it gave them the opportunity to cut a date short if it wasn’t working out “without any real life awkwardness”.

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