Facebook and Instagram Ban ‘Sexually Suggestive’ Emojis

Facebook and Instagram have updated their community guidelines and now prohibit the use of emojis that are deemed to be sexually suggestive.

Although specific emojis weren’t named, the ban is likely to include several food-based emojis such as the eggplant or the peach. Any user who is found to be in breach these new rules could have their content taken down and their account banned.

However, not all posts that contain these emojis will be in violation as there must be elements that makes it qualify as “Sexual Solicitation”.

An Instagram representative told Fox Business: “[Content] will only be removed from Facebook and Instagram if it contains a sexual emoji alongside an implicit or indirect ask for nude imagery, sex or sexual partners, or sex chat conversations.”

Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd has been pushing for unwanted online sexual attention to be outlawed for more than a year.

A new law that completely bans unsolicited sexual images was introduced in Texas at the start of September off the back of Wolfe Herd’s campaigning.

Apple released a range of interracial couple emojis earlier this year following a petition from Tinder to acknowledge the recent increase in diverse couples.

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