Feeld Announces Major Rebrand

Feeld, the dating app for the curious, has announced a major reband and product update. The app has made its largest tech investment to date, undergoing a complete replatforming.

New additions to the platform’s design include a new image treatment tool called “Aura”, which takes human movement and touch and changes them into gradient colour fields. An example of Feeld’s new app screens can be seen below:

Additionally, the platform will adopt further motion language, inspired by the human body. This means that in-app animation modes will mimic breath, heartbeat, and touch, reflecting the nature of feeling alive and connected.

The Feeld logo has also been updated, with a new custom typeface developed by designer Charlotte Rhode. It is made up of a combination of organic and geometric forms, reflecting the fluidity of the Feeld community. An example of the new Feeld logo (left) can be seen compared the previous Feeld logo (right) in the image below:

To mark this rebrand, Feeld’s monthly IRL event is turning into a 24-hour party. The global event will see Feeld communities in New York, LA, London, Sydney, Berlin, and Melbourne connect at in-person venues. 

Global Dating Insights spoke with Ana Kirova, the CEO of Feeld, to find out more about the rebrand and her perspective on the future of online dating. You can listen to that podcast below:

“We’re living in an era of profound change. The way we feel, love, communicate and relate to one another is evolving. People are discovering themselves in deeper, more honest ways and exploring different types of connections and relationships”, Ana Kirova, explained in a recent statement to the media.

“Feeld is at the forefront of this global shift, empowering people to ask themselves important questions and pursue their curiosities in a safer and open environment”, she added.

“I’m proud of our rebrand, which reflects these broader shifts as we continue to challenge social and cultural binaries and traditional models of dating. The magic of Feeld is in opening up the world to endless possibilities and placing individual experience at the center of connecting deeply with others; something reflected in the continuous evolution of our platform in response to our growing community”, Kirova shared.

This rebrand was developed together with Feeld’s members. During this update process, the platform conducted a survey of its users and found that 62% of members undergo a personal journey in their first year on the app, including evolving their sexuality, interests, desires, and preferences.

The platform also recorded that in 2023, the number of Boomers on Feeld who are looking for a threeway increased by 520%. In addition to this, a third of straight male users who changed their sexuality on Feeld shifted to heteroflexible, bi-curious, or bisexual. 

You can find out more about Feeld on its website here. 

Photos courtesy of Feeld.

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