Fluid Player Adds Streaming, VAST Wrapper & API Functionality Support

The free, open-source, HTML5 video player, Fluid Player has been updated with new features.

The new functionality will include ‘streaming’, which means it will support video streaming for both MPEG Dash and HLS streaming protocols, with an adaptive bit rate and good clarity.

It also includes a new control bar option, with users being able to play video at different speeds, the option to download the playing video file and to also scale the video area to 75% height of full screen mode.

The new API Functionality will also enable to have an easier manipulation of a number of player properties after initialisation.

Additional options have also been added for the player branding including setting a different logo imagine during in-stream ad playback. There are also many more additional features that have been added.

Fluid Player is aimed at publisher websites who show video content, and it supports a large range of advertising features. This includes allowing publishers to monetise their video content.

More advertising features also include ‘Ad Text’ which will display a configurable call to action ad text message and an ‘Advertising Markers’ which includes timeline markers being added to indicate when advertisements will display.

Current Fluid Player users can upgrade to the latest version of the player, to receive the new features automatically by changing to the CDN available from here.

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