Forbes Gives Three Reasons Why Facebook Dating Will Benefit People


Last month, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will soon roll out new dating app features.

Speaking at Facebook’s F8 developer conference at the beginning of May, he said the features will be designed to help users find long term relationships, “not just hook ups”.

Forbes has now listed three ways how Facebook entering the dating space will benefit different people:

  1. More Accurate Targeting Based On Relationship Status – Facebook use relationship statuses in order to target their users but there is no way to actually tell how these users feel about their relationship and whether it is correct or not. For example, someone may be single but they have not updated their Facebook status in a while. Many users who do not specify their relationship status could also be looking for love. However, when users sign up for Facebook Dating in the future, the platform will be able to track their usage and be able to determine whether they are actively looking for a new relationship or not. Facebook will also be able to allow marketers to gain a stronger behavioural targeting.
  2. Greater Opportunity For Niche Industries – Within the dating service, users will be able to select the right audiences and target them at the exact moment users are looking for the perfect date idea. This will be a huge difference, as Forbes noted, Facebook don’t currently have a targeting option which tells businesses that someone is planning a first date. This will then give an advantage to any businesses that can provide first dates (eg. cinemas, bars, museums etc), as users will be able to use the exact messaging they need to be pushed into a conversion.
  3. More Relevant News Feed – When the dating service has been launched, users apparently cannot match with anyone they are already friends with, so this will stop users adding other users they find attractive but don’t actually personally know. This will then inadvertently purge the News Feed of any irrelevant posts. This means people will care more about the content they are seeing and will therefore spend longer on the platform.

The article concluded that the people who are going to benefit the most from Facebook Dating are business owners, marketers and Facebook itself.

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Chloe Gay

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