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Friendship First on Indian Dating Apps Growing

A survey of Indian online daters has found that many believe the best approach on dating apps is to put friendship first. If apps are used in a more casual way to form social connections that can naturally grow into something more, users say they feel more comfortable. The survey comes from QuackQuack, one of India’s top dating apps. 

It’s a similar story to what we reported on a few weeks back. In that report, it was shown that a lot of people are on Tinder, not for romance, but to find friendships and simply combat loneliness. Two-thirds of people on the app were already in relationships in a survey carried out. 

The data revealed here by QuackQuack is a bit different. These are people looking for long term relationships – but they are also indicating that finding friends first on such apps is safer. Some 39 per cent of men for example said that the friendship first approach reduced pressure, and made it more likely that something natural could grow if a connection is established. And for women, 26 per cent it made the experience feel safer than when the expectation of a romantic connection is at the forefront. 

Regardless of gender, a growing number believed this friendship first approach was breaking down stigma barriers about using such apps. What we are of course seeing across the globe now, is the friendship aspect of dating apps being broken out into their own thing – with social discovery starts-ups appearing and growing fast. 

These apps dedicated to friendship are beneficial to many, as it makes it entirely clear and obvious what the other person’s intention is. However, there is clearly a case that for some dating apps, incorporating a friendship element is a smart idea to attract users, and actually result in long term successful matches.  When your partner in life is your best friend – it does usually goes well.

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