Study: How Social Media has Changed Dating has released new findings about how social media is impacting dating. For example, it found that 58% of people have used a social networking site to find and meet new partners.

Social media has altered how individuals socialise and network online, inevitably impacting the nature of modern dating. The survey found that 47% of people started a relationship after their partner sent them a private social media message.

Some aspects of social media benefit the dating landscape. For example, 55% of men reported that they believe ‘sending likes’ is an effective strategy to start an online connection, which could later turn offline.

However, respondents to the survey ultimately found many negatives in social media, highlighting that it has caused conflict in their relationship.

72% of respondents shared that social media has been a cause of conflict in at least one of their relationships. This includes 42% who said that they have been cheated on as a result of their partner meeting someone else on social media.

It also found that half of respondents have argued with their partner about still having photos of an ex on their social media profile. Furthermore, 55% say that their current partner is often distracted by social media while they are trying to talk with them.

“In some cases, social media sites can still be seen as the cause of conflict in relationships,” said Maria Sullivan, Vice President and Dating Expert of 

“However, social media use should not consistently be a cause of stress in a healthy relationship. Instead, it should mostly be a fun way to connect with friends and family – and to show off your relationship, if that’s your vibe – without creating worries about your partner making new romantic connections”, she added.

“It can even serve as another way to bond with your partner if you’re using it to send funny memes or informational posts about your shared interests. Socials are often blamed as the root cause of conflict, however a person’s overall behavior while they’re in a committed relationship is what should be under the microscope. Whether they’re using their social media profiles to creep on other prospects is only a reflection of what their true larger intentions are, on and off these platforms”, Sullivan continued.

She adds that effective ways to prevent conflict over social media is to communicate concerns, enforce new boundaries for healthy online behaviour, and remember that sometimes online activity isn’t that deep.

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