FriendSwipe Lets You See The Tinder Profiles Of Your Facebook Friends


A new app called FriendSwipe has launched that lets you see which of your friends are on Tinder.

And as well as revealing which friends use the dating app, the iOS product also lets you view their profiles, and swipe left or right on them.

The app, which was posted on ProductHunt yesterday, is able to do this thanks to Tinder Social, Tinder’s new group dating night-out feature it launched earlier this year.

The tool lets you form social groups with your friends that use the app, then connect with nearby and likeminded groups.

After you login in via Facebook, FriendSwipe shows you a list of friends that are using Tinder, however it will only show users that have Tinder Social turned on.

When you click their name, it brings up their dating profile and pictures, and lets you swipe right, left or Super Like.

Speaking about why he built the app, FriendSwipe founder Jarred Sumner said: “I wanted to swipe on a friend but I couldn’t find him on Tinder.

“I didn’t wanna just wait for Tinder to show him, so I started exploring ways of getting the list of friends and then figuring out how to swipe programmatically.”

Its launch comes after a hacker named Alex also found a way to access his friends’ Tinder profiles after the launch of Tinder Social.

In response, Tinder told him: “This is a part of our feature called Tinder Social. You may opt out of Tinder Social at anytime by visiting your Settings. If you opt out, you will not appear on your friends’ lists,” suggesting such tools are not in breach of the app’s Terms of Service.

To find out more about FriendSwipe and to download the app, please click here.

Simon Edmunds

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