Gleeden Sees 383% User Growth in 2023

Gleeden, a leading extramarital dating app, saw 740,000 new users join the platform over the course of 2023. This represented a 383% year-on-year growth for the platform, with an impressive 128% rise in female users compared to the previous year as well.

These significant growth statistics mean Gleeden has further secured “its leadership position in the extramarital dating space”, the platform stated. It highlights its commitment to data privacy, confidentiality, and anonymity as the keys to its success.

“More people are starting to look for alternate choices for emotional and romantic fulfilment outside of their marriages leading to the evolution and rapid acceptance of being in a private, safe and secure extramarital relationship”, said Sybil Shiddell, Country Manager for India, Gleeden.

“India has fast become one of the most important markets for Gleeden given its sheer size, changing sociocultural attitudes, rising urbanisation, and digital penetration. The increase in members, especially from women, is unmistakably a sign of the confidence and contentment that we drive through our commitment to strong security measures, user discretion and privacy”, Shiddell added.

The platform highlighted that contrary to what some may believe, the platform is capable of attracting women to the app.

With a 128% growth of female users compared to the previous year, Gleeden is confident about the results of its “dedication to providing a safe, welcoming environment for women to feel free to explore and create lasting relationships at their own pace”.

While this growth in users is significant to the platform, it also represents a shifting culture and attitude towards extramarital relationships.

“The substantial growth demonstrates the platform’s popularity, and also shows how well it continues to meet the ever-changing demands of people looking for discreet, sincere relationships outside of traditional partnerships”, Gleeden explained.

Gleeden has 11 million members worldwide, with 2.7 million of those in India. Its users are made up of individuals who are married or in a long term relationship, 65% of whom are men, and 35% are women.

Global Dating Insights had the pleasure of speaking with Sybill Shiddell in September 2022 about the natural curiosity and polyamory of humans, and the dynamics of modern day extra-marital affairs.

You can find out more about Gleeden on its website here. 

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