Grindr Launches Lite Version for Users in Developing Markets

Grindr launched its Lite version yesterday for daters in emerging markets who may otherwise be unable to access the app due to slow phone or internet connection.

The lite version is now available in several countries including India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Malaysia and provides the core Grindr experience while using less data and storage space.

Jack Harrison-Quinana, Director of Grindr for Equality and VP of Social Impact at Grindr, said in a press release“As we work to empower and improve the lives of the LGBTQ community on a global scale, Grindr Lite helps connect people with less bandwidth across the world that may not be able to otherwise.

“It’s also imperative that gay, bi, and trans people everywhere can connect with one another and have access to the health and safety resources they need, and we’re proud to support that through Grindr Lite.”

The new version of the app will include the traditional profile-browsing and in-app messaging features, along with the PIN and Discreet App Icon which allows users to hide the Grindr icon. 

To protect daters living in countries with limited LGBTQ rights, the lite version does not reveal a user’s distance.

Grindr Lite also offers health and safety services which include in-app HIV testing reminders, India’s first-ever online LGBTQ help tool, and a Sexual Health Resource Center that is available in more than 70 languages. 

Information on digital security, personal safety and emotional well-being is given in the security section.

Last month, Grindr made the Discreet App Icon feature available worldwide, in order to protect the LGBTQ community. The setting allows users to replace the Grindr logo on their phone with another symbol so that they can hide their LGBTQ status.

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