Grindr Makes Discreet Icon Safety Feature Available Worldwide

Grindr has made the Discreet App Icon feature available to all of its global users, in order to help protect the LGBTQ community from prejudice and persecution.

The update allows users to replace the Grindr logo on their phone with another symbol so they can hide their LGBTQ status.

Jack Harrison-Quinana, Director of Grindr for Equality, said to Yahoo Finance“In many parts of the world – including in the U.S. and Europe – we still see people being persecuted for being LGBTQ, so we are launching this feature to all users to help protect those who need it.”

The feature was developed in collaboration with Article 19, The Guardian Project and Grindr for Equality, and was first introduced in areas of the world where LGBTQ people were most at risk.

Daters can find the feature in the Security section of the settings page.

Grindr has also released its Holistic Security Guide, which informs daters how to protect themselves from online abuse, in an additional two languages; Kiswahili and Bahasa Indonesia.

The guide was originally published in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Nigerian Pidgin.

In December, Grindr added three other safety features to the app. This included the ability to unsend private messages, photos that disappear after a set amount of time and a screenshot block to prevent daters from having their identity and activity revealed.

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