Grindr Now Available as ‘Discreet’ Desktop Application

Grindr has launched a desktop version of the gay dating app which has been designed to be accessed discretely by its users.

The layout of Grindr Web means it can used quietly in an office, as it has an interface layout which is comparable to an email account or a Google Drive. 

There is an ‘office mode’ option which makes all profile pictures invisible. Users can just hover their mouse over the profile to see the hidden images, whether it’s on someone’s profile or in a chat.

The desktop version syncs automatically with the app, so conversations and interactions can be easily picked up and continued across multiple devices.

The sign-in protocol for Grindr Web is very similar to WhatsApp Web. Users can find the ‘Grindr Web’ section in their ‘Settings’ and then scan the temporary QR code that is displayed on their desktop screen.

A small amount of text on the Grindr Web website reads: “It looks like a typical email interface so your business stays private, no matter who’s looking over your shoulder.”

Grindr made its ‘Discreet App Icon’ available worldwide earlier this year. It allows users to choose how the app tile is displayed on their phone in case they want to keep their LGBTQ status private.

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