How Smoking Affects Dating Success

A new study of over 460,000 online dating users explores how smoking can affect an individual’s love life. Overall, it found that smokers receive over 50% less matches than their non-smoking counterparts.

Conducted by dating platform, the analysis found that non-smoking male users get 48.4% more matches. Non-smoking females receive over 60% more matches than female smokers, the study also concluded.

This highlights that smokers may struggle in comparison with non-smokers, as singles in the online dating space clearly have a preference. 

Eduard Luta, a spokesperson for, shared that “although the findings confirm what many already assume, the statistics are still surprising, indicating that a healthy lifestyle not only enhances your wellbeing but also has a positive impact on your love life.” is a social and community platform for dating and more. Its primary goal is to help like-minded singles connect with other members of their ethnic community or diaspora. 

A study by UnSmoke UK found that one in four UK smokers don’t bring up the habit on a first date. Almost 50% said they prefer to wait until the date is over to have a cigarette. 

In general smokers will keep their habit a secret from their partner for the first 3 months, with 73% saying that they feel their date would look down on them if they found out.

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