HubStars Announces July Launch For Next-Gen Platform

HubStars has confirmed that its new Next-Gen platform will be launched later this month, allowing the company to target a wider range of the dating industry and maintain a stronger focus on building and nurturing communities.

Affinity and Excite, HubStars’ mainstream and casual dating platforms, have been updated with new core features, mobile lead design, improved speed and performance, and better user experience and usability.

A number of community-based features will also be implemented to increase engagement and connections for all members. Relevant user-generated content is set to be widely available on the new platform as a key driver for user retention and growth.

Michael O’Sullivan, Business Owner of HubStars, explained in a statement: “I’m delighted to see us deliver our latest incarnation of the platform. We’ve managed to make our platform feel smaller and more intimate by listening to feedback and promoting community and ease of user features.

“Hidden beneath the simplicity is a new engine with unparalleled branding and design potential for dating brands. It’s built on our proven user safety and subscription management stack.

“Partners can now fully explore and evolve exciting user experiences with a laser focus on their brand and return on investment without the cost and overhead of development teams.”

HubStars will be hosting a webinar for partners to offer an exclusive look at the platform and a walkthrough of the new Partner Lander Tool. A date for the webinar is due to be confirmed very soon.

To further celebrate the launch of the Next-Gen platform, HubStars offered 100% revenue share throughout July, August and September. The offer applies to all revenue from Affinity brands for partners who register before the 19th July.

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