Illicit Encounters Releases 2019 Infidelity Index

Extramarital dating website Illicit Encounters has released its Infidelity Index for 2019, documenting which areas of the UK are having the most affairs.

The site claims the data is produced by the location of each of its 1.1 million users, representing 3% of the UK adult population.

The index includes an interactive map, which allows visitors to view how adulterous their hometown is. It features the option to browse by the highest scoring major towns, London Boroughs and cities.

Windsor topped the major towns rankings, with 4.29% of its overall population being on the site, while Bromley (2.73%) was the most popular borough. St Albans (2.74%) came out as the number one city.

The report received a substantial amount of media attention from local press outlets, each detailing how their area performed.

The Ipswich Star reports the number of affairs is increasing in Suffolk due to many unhappy couples not wanting to spend thousands of pounds on a divorce. Meanwhile, the MK Citizen has noted that cheating has doubled in Milton Keynes, to just under 1,500 users, in the past 12 months.

According to the Wakefield Express, adultery is “booming” in the city, with the number of local residents on Illicit Encounters increasing by 10% to over 8,000.

Competitor Ashely Madison welcomed 5.3 million new members to its platform in 2018.

Find the 2019 Infidelity Index here.

Dominic Whitlock

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