Maisie Williams to Connect Creatives with ‘Daisie’ App Launch

Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams is preparing to launch her new app on 1st August.

Daisie‘ will be a social network for artists from every industry to show off their work and find people to collaborate with on new projects. 100 creators are already signed up for the launch date.

Williams co-founded the app with Dom Santry. The pair previously worked together to set up Daisy Chain Productions, a small production company that works with young creators in the UK.

TechCrunch conducted an interview with Williams, wherein she talked them through some of the design features of the new startup.

She explained the decision not to include follower counts on the platform, instead working to create ‘chains of users’. Williams told TechCrunch: “If you have follower counts it then becomes about a competition, like a popularity contest between who can get the most.

“A chain is where you reach out to someone who is in your area — or maybe even not.

“So connecting with someone you’re inspired by, reaching out to them and saying, ‘Hey, I have this 30-second video of me singing the song, but I realised I’m actually a better lyricist than I am a songwriter. And I really love what you play, I wonder if you could make me a melody and we could sort of work together on this.’”

Williams said that she was excited to be working on and in charge of her own project, rather than being employed by someone else to create their work. She wanted to mirror that experience on Daisie.

“We want to basically give the power back to the creator. Instead of them having to market themselves to fit someone else’s idea of what their job would be, they can let their art speak for themselves.”

Read more and watch the full interview here.