Maple Announces Partnership For Web3-Enhanced Dating

Experience provider Maple announced a partnership with Fortress Web3 Technologies, enabling users to turn dates and experiences into digital collectables. Users will be able to keep these digital memories all in one place on the Maple app.

Maple helps users discover nearby restaurants and activities, find connections nearby, and create new experiences. This partnership intends to enhance the app by bringing in digital collectables.

As well as keeping digital memories from experiences, users can collect Maple Tokens from by trying new things. These tokens can then be redeemed at the restaurants and organisations partnered with Maple.

Fortress will be providing Web3 infrastructure APIs to enable the Maple app to store digital collectibles.

“Web3 unlocks the most compelling use cases for threading live experiences and digital engagement together, and we are thrilled to work with Fortress to deliver this to our users— all without adding any complexity for tracking and managing their memories”, said Sebastian Galindo, CEO of Maple.

Maple launched on October 29th, with an existing waitlist of over 70,000 users. The app will launch in 20 US cities this November. 

“Web3 technology, at its core, unlocks the ability for businesses to  provide a more seamless user experience; one that meets users where they are, and provides more value and connection than distraction. We can’t wait to see what they accomplish leveraging Fortress infrastructure”, said Ryan Miller, CRO of Fortress.

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