Match Group CEO Hints at Potential Legal Action Over App Store Commission

Match Group CEO Shar Dubey has doubled down on her criticism of the ‘Apple Tax’ during a recent interview with ‘Axios on HBO’.

The online dating company’s leader explained that she is constantly frustrated about the way the technology giant demands control over billing and payments. She called the policy “inconsistent and unfair” as some other brands, such as Uber, are exempt and can process their own payments.

Furthermore, users of Match Group apps are often unable to receive clear feedback from Apple when they experience billing issues.

Dubey told Axios: “This has been a great source of dissatisfaction for a number of our customers because we cannot really help them when they have issues around subscription and billing.

“All we are able to do is send them to Apple and we have no transparency on how they service or, you know, treat these issues with our customers. And so that is our contention that there should be a choice. There should be a consumer choice.”

Last month, Match Group issued a statement to “fully support” Epic Games as it took a stand by moving to process all payments itself. Both Apple and Google retaliated by removing the Fortnite app from their respective stores.

Dubey concluded by saying she hopes to resolve the issue by having direct conversations with Apple, but is prepared to take legal action if necessary.

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