Match Group Releases Fun Campaign for Romance Scam Prevention Day

October 3rd is a significant day for two reasons. First, it’s World Romance Scam Prevention Day. Second, it’s the infamous date mentioned in the iconic film Mean Girls. Match Group has combined the two for a fun new safety campaign coming to Tinder.

To celebrate this important day, Tinder is partnering with Means Girls actor Jonathan Bennett Bennett to help remind users how to avoid online financial scams and toxic behaviors. 

The new campaign looks to raise awareness around an issue that impacts millions of people of all ages around the world, reminding them to never send money or invest with people they’ve never met.

“At Tinder, we are proud to lead on safety efforts and create campaigns that are both beneficial and culturally relevant that can help drive more awareness and make dating safer on our app and across online platforms,” said Stephanie Danzi, SVP of Global Marketing at Tinder. 

“On World Romance Scam Prevention Day, we are educating our users of all ages on ways to protect themselves so they do not fall victim to online fraudulent scams”, Danzi added.

Match Group shared FBI statistics which found crypto scams, such as “Pig Butchering”, now serve as the largest financial scam in the US, totalling over $3 billion. 

It’s important to note that while older adults have the highest percentage of romancescams reported, investigators say reports of younger adults being scammed are increasing each year.

Along with the rollout of Tinder’s campaign, Match Group dating app Hinge will be sending in-app messages to users reminding them to never send money or take investment advice from someone they’ve never met or don’t know.

“World Romance Scam Prevention Day aims to squash stigmas that prevent approximately 97% of victims from reporting and obtaining justice,” said Kathy Waters, Executive Director, Advocating Against Romance Scammers. 

“Advocating Against Romance Scammers created this day to help bring together every global entity affected by the scams to increase awareness and help others understand the severity of the controlled manipulation in order for the fraud to succeed. We appreciate that Match Group

and Tinder have joined our efforts and are doing their part to help raise awareness for their users on their platforms”, Waters shared.

This is just the latest initiative put forward by Match Group to shine a spotlight on safety issues. In January 2023, the company launched a romance scam awareness campaign with users on Tinder, Hinge, Match, Plenty of Fish and Meetic receiving tips on spotting scams.

You can find out more about Match Group’s World Romance Scam Prevention Day campaign here.

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