Match Group Targets Friendships to Further Asian Growth

As part of its heightened focus on the market, Match Group has been working on eradicating Tinder’s reputation as hookup app in Asia.

The online dating umbrella said earlier this year that it wants 25% of its total revenue to come from Asia by 2023.

It has already increased its marketing budget, spending more money in India, Japan and Korea than anywhere else in the world. It is also planning on expanding its workforce in the region by 40%.

Tinder was rebranded as a social app in South Korea, offering a place for users to find friendships as well as romantic connections. Billboards were erected in university towns with the slogan “New Year, New Friends, New You”, promoting a place for first-year students to form friendship groups.

K-pop star Seungri was signed on as the face of Tinder Korea last year and, since then, the app has grown to be number one in the country in terms of downloads and active users.

Elsewhere, Tinder launched its ‘Adulting Can Wait’ marketing campaign in India, a push that encourages millennials to enjoy life while they’re young and spend time with their friends and partners.

This is a departure from conservative beliefs that still hold strong in some parts of the country. Traditionalists feel that couples should get married straight out of school, but many young people say this ended with their parents.

Tinder Lite was announced in May, a smaller version of the app that would be easier for members to use in more rural areas with poor internet connections. Mandy Ginsberg explained that it would be an ideal way to reach users in Asia who don’t live in the major cities.

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