Men on The Inner Circle Enjoy Celebrating Valentine’s Day More Than Women


The Inner Circle has conducted some new research and discovered that its men are more keen to celebrate Valentine’s Day than its women.

The research was conducted on 850 members from The Inner Circle app.

The research discovered that men are also more likely to spend more money on a Valentine’s gift than women, with 45% believing they should spend between £25-50 on a present for the lady in their lives. Only 35% of women agreed with this, with 37% of women admitting they would spend £10-25 on a gift instead.

It also found out that women dislike being single on Valentine’s Day, with 70% of men and women thinking it is extra romantic to date on 14th February.

However, 48% of men think you should celebrate the event even if you are just casually dating, compared with only 42% of women.

83% of men also believed that you should celebrate Valentine’s if you are long-term dating, with 78% of women agreeing.

When asked about dream celebrity dates, Gerard Butler came out on top for the women and Emily Ratajkowski was the most desirable celebrity date for men.

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