Muzmatch Releases ‘Dad Verified’ Video Call Feature For April Fools

UPDATE: The following feature was revealed to be an April Fools prank, although Muzmatch has announce that a real video calling feature is “coming soon”.

Muzmatch has introduced a new ‘Dad Verified’ function to allow users to request a video chat with the father of any potential match. 

The popular dating app for millennial Muslims added a button which allows a live call with the father of a potential match.

They then have the opportunity to offer the relationship a ‘father verification’, which is an important step in a community where a father’s approval is so highly regarded. 

The leading Muslim dating app now has over two million users worldwide.

Shahzad Younas, founder and CEO of Muzmatch, said in a statement: “To support women who complain that men are simply not as serious about marriage anymore and those who have been phantom and led, the revolutionary Dad Verified feature will allow men and women in muzmatch to check if their partner is ready to get married by having them talk to their father and get the seal of approval.”

The option is available to both male and female users, who can use the button to request a call when they think they are ready to take the next step in an interaction.

Muzmatch announced the details of its latest redesign at the end of the last year. This included plans for a more in-depth live video feature that would allow matches to have a face-to-face interaction before meeting offline.

Visit the Muzmatch website here.

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