New Dating App Allows Women to be in Control

A new dating app promises to deliver genuine matches on its platform by banning men from browsing through profiles and making women invisible until they swipe right.

The new dating app is called Reveal, and puts women in control.

Reveal is different to other typical dating apps as only male profiles can be seen.

This means it allows men to not like every profile they see, and also avoids people the women know or ex-lovers seeing their profiles.

Director Tom Buzzard told MailOnline: “A well-known trick that many men use is to swipe right on everyone they come across just to see who has ‘liked’ them. They’re playing a brutal numbers game: The thinking is that the more darts you throw the more that are bound to hit the board. It can also be an ego boost for some men. This can be very frustrating for women, who are pickier about who they match with and take time to read profiles, since many men they are paired are not replying to their messages.”

He added: “They’re fed up with getting “ghosted” – because it wasn’t a genuine match, or the men have many matches and no time to respond. By allowing only the women to browse, Reveal prevents this and provides women with better chances of finding a meaningful relationship. It is also the only app on the market where females are initially invisible. Our research suggests women can feel uncomfortable with people they know seeing them on dating sites.”

The app was founded by Mr Buzzard, Edward Harvey and Sean Ferriter – three school friends who came up with the idea after hearing of their female friends’ frustrations and problems with current dating apps.

Buzzard also said: “We were hearing that some of our female friends were being made to feel uncomfortable in the workplace, when colleagues or even bosses were being flirtatious or asking them out after seeing them on dating apps. It occurred to us that there was a gap in the market for an app that protects women’s identities, and we knew men auto-swiping was an issue too so we set about designing an app that solved both problems. Our market research also suggests women want to know upfront what men’s intentions are – whether they are looking for a relationship or something more casual.”

Reveal Dating is now available for free download on the Apple app store and on Google Play.

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