OkCupid Enters New Creative Partnership With Mekanism

OkCupid has teamed up with a new creative company, Mekanism, as the online dating platform looks to begin preparations for its 2020 marketing campaigns.

The independent agency has previously worked with a number of reputable global brands, including Pepsi, Instagram and HBO.

The deal sees OkCupid move on from New York-based advertisers Wieden+Kennedy. Although there was never an official partnership between the two companies, their collaboration sparked the Match Group brand’s controversial DTF activation.

The second wave of DTF images were rolled out at the beginning of this year. Some of the adverts were banned in several cities, and many received criticism online for being overly sexual and political.

A spokesperson for Wieden+Kennedy said the team enjoyed their time working with OkCupid, and hope they have the chance to do so again in the future.

Speaking about the Mekanism collaboration, OkCupid’s CMO Melissa Hobley told Campaign: “We were drawn to Mekanism’s awesome team who we knew would be bold with us!

“They’re smart, creative, awesome folks who really cared about our mission to keep connecting on what matters… and to do this in creative, unexpected ways. Can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on!”

OkCupid recently ran a promotional video on popular Indian YouTube channel Girliyapa. The comedy sketch follows a girl who gets worried after her crush sends a message saying ‘We need to talk’.

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