Platform Dating Rework Reduces Server Costs by 92%

Platform Dating

Platform Dating, the privately owned host of ooOo and, has managed to make huge cost reductions in a major back-end rework.

Founder & entrepreneur David Minns has consolidated the umbrella company’s network of sites onto one platform, reducing load times to sub-0.25 seconds and taking ample weight off the back end servers.

The new system design is mobile focused, and runs on a mobile web interface. Flagship brands are still available on the App Store & Google Play, and will load as pseudo-native apps indistinguishable from made-for-iOS / Android apps.

The change also reduces development costs, as new features can be coded into both the web and app versions of Platform Dating sites simultaneously.

One such feature is monetization – dating sites like ooOo will now easily be able to change between being freely available, being free with advertisements, and being premium services.

Further to this, Minns has produced a bespoke affiliate system entitled ‘Pure Payout’ to complement the business. The system will be able to direct traffic towards Platform Dating’s paid sites, and will return a 75% revenue share to partners.

Speaking exclusively to GDI, Minns said the system “offers efficient and real-time reports and multiple API sign up mechanisms for affiliates with existing members area traffic.”

He was prompted to make the changes by an alteration to Google’s search algorithms – the new ordering of results made it more difficult for Platform Dating brands to exist independently of one another.

Watch GDI’s interview with David Minns from November 2016 here, discover more about the Pure Payout affiliate program here, and see the re-worked version of ooOo here.