Plenty of Fish Launches Consextual Campaign

Dating app Plenty of Fish is launching a new campaign to highlight the discussion around boundaries and consent before sexting. This new initiative around responsible ‘consexting’ includes a new ‘No Dick Pic’ badge for user profiles.

Research conducted by the dating app found that 91% of singles are exploring healthy and fun ways to express themselves sexually. However, 74% of singles believe that sexting too soon can give the wrong impression.

“Dating should be fun, and the key is respecting boundaries and clearly communicating what works for you”, said Christina Kozloff, Chief Marketing Officer at Plenty of Fish.

In response, Plenty of Fish surveyed users and found that 62% of singles, including 75% of women, would find value in a new feature that indicates that the person they are chatting with is not interested in sending unsolicited nude photos.

The app then created the NDP / ‘No Dick Pic’ badge to be displayed on user profiles. With every badge added to a user’s profile, Plenty of Fish will make a donation to the nonprofit group A Call to Me, which promotes healthy masculine behaviour.

While unsolicited nude photos are universally offensive, studies show that 91% of singles have a positive past experience with sexting, the app shared. 

“Sexting is a communication tool that can truly enhance a connection between partners. Through sexting, people can explore intimacy and self-expression in a manner that can feel easier than in-person,” said Todd Baratz, a sex therapist and Plenty of Fish partner.

“The majority of singles (55%) think sexting is fun, and I encourage daters to have honest and open conversations about what interests them – it shouldn’t be taboo”, Baratz added.

This campaign adds to Plenty of Fish’s award-winning campaign ‘Gallery of Dick Pics’ where it demonstrated appropriate dick pics by sharing photos of men named Richard, Richie, or Dick.

The Gallery of Dick Pics is now being presented at the Broadway-Lafayette Street subway station in Manhattan, and also available for virtual viewers.

You can find out more by visiting Plenty of Fish’s blog here.