Research Shows UK Daters are More Polite and Creative During Lockdown

Research on the behaviour of online daters during the COVID-19 lockdown has found that daters are more polite’ and more resilient as daters.

The investigation, conducted by the Online Dating Association, showed that more than 2.3 million British singles have used online dating sites in the last month and are coming up with new ways to date during isolation.

The ODA found that virtual dating ideas include musical performances, hiking, wine tasting, movie nights, and “meet the pets”, which are all conducted with the help of  video chat platforms.

It also suggests that the current crisis has been accompanied by a revival of gallantry. Almost a quarter of respondents (23%) felt that daters are more polite than before, while just under a fifth (18%) noticed that people are being less pushy. 

Perhaps most importantly, a third (35%) of daters believed that those they were speaking to are being more inventive about building a relationship. Half (53%) report that during the lockdown, they are having longer conversations on dating services. 

The survey found that online dating was serving a wider benefit than just looking for love. 64% of respondents felt that dating sites and apps were a lifeline for those living alone. 

George Kidd, CEO of the Online Dating Association, said: “Under lockdown Britain, online dating is helping fulfil a basic human need for company and companionship. Not only is it keeping romance alive, but it is also fulfilling a very important social need, to bring people together. 

“Daters themselves are becoming ever more ingenious in how to make the most of their time apart. In some cases, this is by hand gliding together over a 360-degree virtual landscape of England. In others, it is by wine-tasting and watching a film.” 

The ODA’s survey also reinforced the importance of dating safely and having fun. 

When asked what advice they would have for new online daters, 47% of respondents said daters should “use credible services committed to user safety”.Read more here.

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