Researchers Analyse Most Common Dating App Lies

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A new study at Stanford University has analysed what the most common lies on online dating apps are.

The two researchers, Jeffrey Hancock and David Markowitz, reported their findings in a paper titled “Deception in Mobile Dating Conversations”. 

Markowitz said: “Until now, it has been relatively unclear how often mobile daters use deception in their messages before they meet the other person.”

The study discovered that lying may not actually be that common on dating apps, as only 7% of those asked admitted to telling a lie to a potential match.

The researchers discovered that most lies that were told were users trying to look better, exaggerating their personal interests to try and impress their match.

Markowitza explained: “Being always available might also come across as being desperate. Therefore, people will lie about their availability or their current activities.”

30% of the lies in the study were categorised as “butler lies”, which are lies that avoid any awkward situations or conversations. An example of this is telling your date that your sister is now coming round, and asking for a raincheck.

Markowitz added: “Most of the messages people report sending are honest and this is a positive step toward building trust in a new romantic relationship.”

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Chloe Gay

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