Scruff Updates Guidelines to Prohibit Underwear Photos

Scruff has updated its photo guidelines and now bans users from posting a picture in a jockstrap, bikini-style bathing suits, or any other style of underwear that highlights the genitals.

The new regulation only applies to profile pictures, not images in a private photo album or sent via chat.

Any pictures that are deemed to be breaking the rules will be moved into a private album and the user will be prompted to select a new one.

The guidelines also originally prohibited any photos featuring hugging, kissing and sexual facial expressions.

However, that clause has since been redacted and now only sexually suggestive embraces are banned. The change was made after a number of Scruff members voiced their concerns online.

CEO Eric Silverberg wrote in a statement: “Given that SCRUFF is a community that speaks openly and positively about sex, bodies, and intimacy, some feel that such policies are at odds with those values. Such criticism is not unfounded.  

“SCRUFF respects the concerns voiced by our community on this matter, and we encourage everyone to continue to hold us, and all tech companies, accountable for the content and conduct standards we enforce.”

The gay dating app implemented the new guidelines to comply with current app vendor policies, and mitigate the risk of being removed from any major platforms. Silverberg denied the update was anything to do with FOSTA/SESTA legislation.

Scruff has faced continued criticism for allowing users to filter by racial preferences, a move the CEO has continued to defend. The terms have been reformed to state that only users who specify their own ethnicity will be able to use these filters.

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