SecurionPay Dating Payments Guide Talks MCC Codes, False Declines & 3D Secure Authentication


SecurionPay, the payments company that handles billing for dating brands like HubPeople & DateYard, has just released an e-book offering tips on dating payments and important best practices to keep.

The new 26-page book includes chapters on the various ways dating sites charge users – whether advanced matching, upgraded messaging systems or premium features – and the services various payment providers offer.

It touches on the Merchant Category Code (MCC), and why it’s better to attain the 7273 “dating” code which gives your business a higher approval rate and better conversions.

The e-book also looks at security, why Smart 3D Secure authentication doesn’t have to be a conversion killer, and how false declines – incorrectly rejected valid transactions – can significantly harm your conversion rates.

The Swiss company, founded in 2014, explains: “The online dating market competition is growing and because there are lots of services relationship seekers can choose from, online dating business owners have to provide the best customer experience to ensure their service is as easy to use as possible.

“We’ve spent 15 years learning about the problems with payments in the online dating industry and made our own analysis. Now we’re giving you the lowdown on what matters most when you want to accept online payments.”

Find out more by downloading the book here.