Security Conference Hack In Paris Gives Technical Training On Preventing Breaches

hack in paris

With large scale hacks almost a weekly occurrence, the need for ensuring your company has proper security procedures in place is absolutely vital.

At the end of next month, an event in France is being held called Hack In Paris that aims to “fill the gap” in the events market by covering “hacking practices with a technical approach”.

The five day corporate event will focus on professional training as well as delivering key information designed to help companies stop their data being compromised.

The event description reads: “Intrusion attempts are more and more frequent and sophisticated, regardless of their target (state or corporation). In this context, international hacking events are multiplying. Hack In Paris attendees will discover the realities of hacking, and its consequences for companies.

“The program includes state of the art IT security, industrial espionage, penetration testing, physical security, forensics, malware analysis techniques and countermeasures.

The one-week event consists of three days of training and two days of conferences – all in English – bringing together security officers (CISOs, CIOs) and hacking technical experts.

Hack in Paris is being held from the 27th June – July 1st 2016 at la Maison De la Chimie, Paris.

Find out more information about it here.