The Startup Roundup – 20th December 2019

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Startup news this week:

  1. Blindlee: Blind speed dating over 3-minute blurred video calls – The woman controls the strength of the video’s blur throughout the fun, ice-breaking process.
  2. Flirt: It all starts with flirting – Singles can find casual, flirty conversations in an array of free online chatrooms.
  3. Dating Republic: Welcome To Dating Republic – Users play the ‘Encounters’ game as they swipe through profiles and match with whoever catches their eye.
  4. NIM, the first members-only dating app for Muslims, banks on commitment – Halal features allow users’ friends and family to discuss potential matches, suggest prospects and chaperone a chat.
  5. WeDate: It starts with a date – The app works in reverse as singles choose which dating activity they’d like to do before finding someone to go with.