This UK Dating Site Sees A Massive Spike In Female Activity At These Two Ages


A recent study by has revealed that women aged 30 and 36 are most active in rating men as desirable on the dating platform.

Looking at 26.7m “hot” ratings given on the site in 2016, found that the biggest spike in ratings came from women aged 30 and 36, when “hot” ratings were dished out three times as often as at other ages.

On average, women on will rate just 8% of men as desirable, but when they hit the age of 30 this figure spikes to 23%.

This percentage drops to 12% at age 31, then starts to climb again four years later, hitting 20% at age 36, before levelling out to 10%.

Alisdair Anderson, Commercial Director at, said: “Analysing the 26.7m of the hots given during 2016 the ratings for ages 30 and 36 really jump out.

“The spike with these two specific ages are apparent regardless of which part of the UK the member is based in.” 

Unsurprisingly FlirtFinder also found that, in general, men tend to rate women more positively on the platform, with an average of 34% being given a “hot” rating.

Men rate less positively as they age, however, rating 60% of women when in their early 20s, but just 25% when they get to their 60s.

Owned by Isomob Limited, a UK-based tech provider for the online dating industry, FlirtFinder is a mobile-based dating platform that works using a system where members buy credits to chat with each other on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Used across the UK by over 500,000 members, credits can be bought using mobile billing, credit card or even with cash in local shops.

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