Tinder Blocked in The Philippines by Most Popular ISP

Despite initial reports that the government of the Philippines had blocked Tinder, it has been revealed that it was actually an internet service provider that was responsible.

On November 21st, Twitter user EJ Serrano published an interaction he’d had with a representative from ISP PLDT.

He complained that he couldn’t access Tinder when using his Wi-Fi at home. The response he received was: “[The] Tinder App is already blocked by the government for anti-cyber law.”

The Cybercrime Prevention Act was passed in The Philippines in 2012 to outlaw certain types of online interaction – including child pornography, cybersex and identity theft.

The post received negative reaction online with many people asking what cybercrime Tinder was supposedly committing and calling the decision “unacceptable”.

However, the following day Serrano posted an update on the story stating that someone from PLDT had been in contact with him to say it was an error on their part.

Ramon Isberto, head of public affairs and corporate communications at PLDT, told The Philippine Star: “Our initial finding is that there is no government order to block access to the app. We are now checking reports that some people have had difficulty in accessing the site.

“We want to verify the reports and if confirmed, to correct the situation.”

It appears as though the issue has since been addressed and Tinder is once again working on the PLDT network.

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Dominic Whitlock

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