Tinder Continues to Vary Prices by Age in India


Huffington Post India has reported that Tinder is continuing to vary the cost of its premium services by age in India.

A 25-year-old is said to be paying Rs 520, while a 33 year-old woman pays Rs 1,099 and a 36-year-old man pays Rs 1,600 for the same service.

The price of a membership was also slightly less for users of Android versus for users of Apple devices.

“Tinder is offering exactly the same services — with no additional features or efforts being made by the company — for different prices to different individuals. That is unreasonable,” commented Suresh Kumar, advocate with Legal Help Line India.

The Huffington Post notes that Bumble’s price structure in India did not vary by age.

On Tinder, around 52% of USA-based users are 18-29, 38% are 30-49, and 10% are 50+.

A California court recently ruled that the platform could not vary its price by age in the way it had been previously.

Using the actual age of a consumer as the justification for charging a higher rate was judged as being as “prohibited arbitrary discrimination” under the law.

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Scott Harvey

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