Tinder Users More Likely to Consider Plastic Surgery

New research has found that users of Tinder and various other social media platforms tend to have more positive attitudes towards plastic surgery.

252 participants were asked about how long they spend on social media and photo-editing apps, and what their views were on cosmetic surgery. People who actively used the dating app, Instagram and Snapchat were more likely to consider having work done.

One potential explanation is that apps which facilitate direct comparisons between users led them to be more focused on their physical appearances. 

There may also be a third variable linking the two, however. The authors of the paper wrote: “Validation of self-worth is a prominent motivation for people to join and use Tinder, likely contributing to the higher [acceptance of plastic surgery] scores among its users.”

Amishav Bresler, an academic with work published in the same field, commented: “Although this study does not establish causation due to the scientific methodology, this association should be recognized.

“Beginning to understand how social media and the photo editing culture our patients are living in is the first step to navigating our patients through this newly enhanced world.”

‘Snapchat Dysmorphia’ is a colloquial term that has gained popularity after many people have been seen requesting surgery to make them look like they do with filters applied. Mashable reported that 55% of surgeons have had patients bring Snapchat and Instagram-filtered photos along to consultations.

Exclusive dating service BeautifulPeople partnered with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon last year to provide professional advice for users who weren’t deemed attractive enough to be on the site.

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