Tinder’s New Website Generates Messages to Save ‘Ghost’ Conversations

Tinder has created a new and fun tool ahead of Halloween, to help users rekindle their failed conversations with past matches. plays on the theme of the holiday and automatically generates lines to send to people that the dater has previously ghosted. ‘Ghosting’ refers to the act of abruptly ending a conversation without any explanation and is an issue that many dating platforms are trying to eradicate from the industry.

Users start by typing in their name and the name of the person they ghosted, before choosing the reason for the new message. Four options are given, which included apologising for ghosting or because they want a partner for ‘Cuffing Season’.

After that, a new chat up line is shown which can be copied directly into the dead conversation thread. The user can also shuffle and generate new messages, until they get one that they’re happy with.

Some of the available messages include, “All these ghosts, but you’re the only boo for me”, and “It’s halloween, can I cast a spell and lockdown with you?”

Last month, Hinge published a newsletter to help its community officially end their dating app conversations, instead of disappearing without a trace. The main suggestion was a simple template message that could be sent to anyone, as 85% of users said they would rather have the closure.

It also launched a podcast in 2019 that brought together former matches to discuss why their connection ended with one of them being ghosted.

Visit Tinder’s ‘It’s Your Boo’ website here.

Dominic Whitlock

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