Could TrueView’s Digital Sidekick Be The Future Of Online Dating?

trueview sidekick

London dating startup TrueView has just announced a revolutionary new app that acts as a digital sidekick for singles tired of online dating.

The new app – the development of which has been under wraps for the past year – is one of the very first to harness facial recognition software and pair it with the company’s patent-pending online dating service scraping tool, which enables it to tell its users if someone they meet is single.

As the Sidekick site explains: “Spotted someone in a bar? Want to know their name? Want to know if they are single? Can’t find the courage to ask? No problem.”

The new app is designed to support more natural offline connections, rather than confining singles to a dating life of endless in-app swiping and awkward messaging.

Speaking about TrueView‘s new venture, co-founder Matt Verity said: “We stopped and took a long hard look at the online dating landscape as a whole. The problem we felt is that it has become more fragmented than ever before.

“So many people are on so many different services. You have to get swipe ache, constantly walk the streets or even grow a beard to get noticed.

“We thought how about we take a slightly different approach and allow people to discover all the single people, across all the different services in real time.

“We want people to see SideKick as a genuinely helpful tool whilst you are in the environment where you are most likely to meet that special someone and give them the confidence they need to start a conversation.”

The product uses TrueView’s Augmented-BlueNFC-Face-Recon-GEO-Flirt technology, a “market first” advancement, which the company hopes will lead the way in bringing more simplicity and clarity to a crowded digital space.

For a glimpse at the forthcoming dating app, which is slated for a release later this year, check out the video below:

Simon Edmunds

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