The Tinder Dating Pool Isn’t Completely Shallow – The New York Times


Since its launch in 2013, Tinder has been tagged as the quintessential modern hookup app, a label the Hollywood company has attempted to shed, as its competitors reinforce it with one hand, and brand themselves as different with the other.

However, considering its tremendous reach and worldwide user base, it would be foolish to suggest that such an app was being used for a single purpose, and a recent New York Times article talks to those for whom it changed their life, by helping them find their spouse.

Brooke Lea Foster speaks to a host of couples about their experiences on Tinder and their thoughts on its label as a shallow hookup app.

Interestingly, dating coach Julia Spira says its reputation is beginning to shift in the US, with more users “joining Tinder because it’s efficient and easy to use, and everyone seems to be on it.”

And yet, as with the early days of online dating, where using such services was highly stigmatised, some Tinder couples admitted to doctoring their “how we met” stories for family and friends.

But just as the stigma surrounding online dating has dissipated in the past few years, perhaps Tinder’s own “lowbrow reputation” will also subside in the years to come?

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